Why A Gut Health Retreat May Be Just What You Need

The benefits of retreats are endless and they can be much more impactful than taking your usual holiday or city break. And what better way to invest in YOU than taking part in the UK’s first gut health retreat to work on yourself and your digestive health after a fun- filled summer and before you dance your way into the festive season feeling your absolute best.


The gut is considered the centre of health, due to its involvement in multiple vital bodily functions such as nutrient absorption, immune system function, the gut-brain connection and digestion. It has the ability to influence your energy levels, metabolism, immune response, stress resilience, sleep quality and mood.

The health of your gut is largely determined by your diet and lifestyle and the delicate balance of this ecosystem can be thrown off by our modern day lifestyle, leading to symptoms of bloating and indigestion. This one-of-a-kind retreat will offer bespoke nutrition advice and result-driven activities to help you achieve your (gut) health goals and feel your best.

Moments of relaxation are essential for optimal digestion and a healthy gut, and including time to reconnect with yourself and move away from the stresses of daily life, allow your body to Rest & Digest. Upon leaving the Rest and Digest retreat you will be feeling rebalanced, lighter, and empowered with the right dietary and mind-body tools to feel your happiest and healthiest.

So, prioritising you and your gut bugs over a long weekend may be just what you’re overworked and under-nourished gut is craving. A three night stay in a dreamy location to allow you to take a break from routine and be fully immersed and invested in your health and wellbeing.  


Wellness retreats are often situated away from city life, in secluded and serene locations that present the perfect platform for you to switch off and feel far from the hustle and bustle of life, allowing yourself to fully relax. Our Rest and Digest retreat  location is set in the gorgeous English countryside of Cheshire, just a 3 hour journey from the hustle and bustle of London.

Set within a 12-acre private estate, the luxurious manor house itself benefits from beautiful views over the elegant gardens and is decorated with calming, warm neutrals, and features roaring fires, a state of the art cinema room and plenty of cosy space to snuggle up and get comfy with a book.

In addition to an open-plan kitchen, where cooking workshops will take place, our retreat home features six en-suite bedrooms in the main house, 5 bedrooms in the adjacent coach house, an indoor heated pool, infrared sauna, games room, snooker table, cinema room, table tennis and plenty of outdoor space to explore and take parkland strolls. 


Retreats may seem expensive, however, they are much more economical and cost-effective as opposed to regular trips. Due to retreats being pre-planned and inclusive of features such as 1:1 nutrition consultations, classes, educational talks and all meals and drinks, they are much more financially feasible and reliable, with a positive outcome for both the body and mind.

Prices start from £800 per person and are dependent on room category. Please revert to our room options here:


Being surrounded by like minded people can make all the difference when joining a retreat. These individuals will mostly likely have similar concerns and interests with an aim to achieve the same goals.

Come alone or with a friend, everyone is welcome but there will be plenty of time for socialising and building relationships. Meal times and activities will be a natural opportunity for mingling and getting to know others. 



There are many reasons why a gut health retreat could be beneficial for your overall health and well-being, including…

Addressing digestive issues- Digestive problems are extremely common, affecting millions of people globally. A gut health retreat could be just what your gut is craving, by providing you with an opportunity to address and work on any digestive issues you may be experiencing, such as bloating, gas, constipation, or diarrhoea. Our gut health retreat can help to restore balance to the gut microbiome through dietary interventions such as low bloat meals, lifestyle changes, supplementation recommendations, nutritional consultations and movement to support the gut, rather than distress it. 

Reducing inflammation- Chronic inflammation in the gut has been linked to a wide range of health problems, including autoimmune diseases, allergies, and even mental health issues. The gut health retreat can provide you with tools to reduce inflammation through dietary changes and stress reduction techniques.

Detoxifying the body and mind- Many toxins can accumulate in the body over time, leading to continuous health problems. This retreat will provide you with an opportunity to detoxify the body by eliminating ultra processed foods, alcohol, and other toxins from your diet. Your meals will be packed with microbiome-friendly foods that are also low FODMAP to keep bloating at bay and get you back to feeling your best self. 

Promoting mental health- The gut-brain axis is a well-established concept, and research has shown that gut health can have a significant impact on our mental health. That is why this gut health retreat can provide you with tools to reduce stress and promote relaxation, having a positive impact on both gut health and mental health. Step away from your daily grind and really focus on self-care by making the most of the indoor heated pool and infrared sauna. 

Access to expert advice- The gut health retreat will be hosted by myself and Marilia Chamon, two gut health experts and Nutritional Therapists along with a team of amazing experts in the field of wellness and nutrition. These classes and workshops will provide you with the tools and practices you need to take home and integrate into your daily routine.

Personal growth- Retreats can provide a supportive environment for personal growth and self-discovery. Through workshops, individual reflection, and group activities, you will gain a deeper insight into your values, beliefs, and goals, so you leave feeling lighter, brighter and less bloated!


  • 4 days/ 3 nights at our luxury retreat home
  • 3 gut loving meals per day and snacks 
  • A private nutrition consultation with Clarissa or Marilia
  • 1 x group hike in the stunning countryside
  • Daily gut-happy yoga class
  • Daily additional movement class- barre/ resistance band workout/ dance
  • Additional workshops throughout the retreat such as gong baths, medicinal sessions and vagus nerve stimulation
  • Fermentation workshop with out gut expert chef
  • Post dinner fireside chats
  • Unlimited use of our indoor heated pool, infrared sauna, games room, snooker table, cinema room, cosy lounges and reading spots
  • Goody bag with a curation of our favourite products-  worth over £150
  • Relaxing massage and lymphatic drainage massage treatments- available on request
  • Plenty of you time


Overall, commiting to the Rest and Digest gut health retreat will provide an opportunity to take a break from your daily routine and focus on your health and wellbeing. 

Whether you are looking to reduce your levels of stress, work on your digestive health, improve your physical health, prioritise personal growth, or feel a little lighter before the festive season kicks off, this retreat will provide a supportive environment for positive change.

For more information, email or visit to sign up.

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