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Should you drink cold or warm water? The benefits of drinking 8 glasses of water a day

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What To Order At Itsu, According To A Nutritionist

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How you eat your food can have an impact on gut health- here’s how to do it right

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Harpers Bazaar

Skin School: How to stimulate collagen production

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The Express

Do juice diets help you lose weight? The reasons to AVOID “detox” cleanses

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Expert advice: Which are the best foods to help constipation?

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4 Reasons Why You Should Eat More Slowly

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Benefits of kombucha: is kombucha good for your gut?

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The Telegraph

Why strength is the secret to 40-plus fitness- and how to keep midlife muscles strong

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What To Order At Pret, According To A Nutritionist

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Why you might feel more bloated in the heat-  and how to combat it

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The Sun

BEAT THE BLOAT- The 5 reasons you’ve been feeling more bloated because of the heat

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Arabian Business

Can you hack your way to optimal health?

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8 Health Benefits Of Eating More Fibre

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The Sun

SNACK SMART- Are you plagued by the 3pm “brain drain”? How to SNACK your way through

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28 effective weight loss tips backed by science

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13 Women In Wellness Share Their Go-To Healthy Suppers

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Expert advise: Do I really need a sugar detox?


The Telegraph

How to stop midlife spread- in your 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and beyond

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Daily Express

Exhaustion Symptoms: 5 signs you are exhausted and not just tired

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11 Women In Wellness Share Their Go-To Healthy Lunches



How To Keep Your Liver Healthy


The Telegraph

Why strength is the secret to 40-plus fitness- and how to keep midlife muscles strong


CBD Bible

CBD oil for sleep- does it work?

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Why we should be taking Vitamin D right now  

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Daily Express

Best supplements for sleep: Six vitamins and minerals for a better night’s sleep

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Expert advice: What’s the real benefit of drinking lemon water?

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Benefits of kombucha: is kombucha good for your gut?



What To Think About When Buying Bread


Harper’s Bazaar

The rise of the beauty supplement

Bustle Jan 2021


How To Know Which Supplements You Need, According To Nutritionists



Benefits of caffeine: does tea have more caffeine than coffee?

harpers bazaar 22nd Decmeber 2020

Harper’s Bazaar

The skincare secret that helped Jodie Turner-Smith’s postpartum acne.


Daily Express

Best supplements for winter: Vitamins B12 and D among essential supplements to take.

netdoctor 10th December 2020

Net Doctor

Benefits of probiotics: how to boost good gut bacteria.

healthista 19th November 2020


How to combat Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) this winter – the expert’s guide.

cosmopolitan 16th November 2019


Trying to lose stomach fat? 14 mistakes you might be making.

elle 16th October 2019


Kombucha – skincare benefits and uses of kombucha

red 15th October 2020

Red Magazine

From weight to skin: everything that is happening to your body right now — and how to combat it

red 18th September 2019

Red Magazine

22 science-backed ways to lose belly fat, according to experts

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7 tips for kicking your coffee habit for good

daily express 11th August 2020

Daily Express

Keto diet explained: What is keto diet? Is it dangerous?

harpers bazaar 17th July 2020

Harper’s Bazaar

Military diet: This plan is trending, here’s what 3 nutritionists think

netdoctor 14th July 2020


How long do vitamins really take to work?

sheer luxe 13th July 2020

Sheer Luxe

My Food & Fitness Regime

body and soul 2nd July 2020

Body & Soul

Everything you need to know, and try, to get a better nights sleep

the telegraph 28th June 2020

The Telegraph

Post-viral corona fatigue: what you need to know about the tiredness that can linger for months

womens health 4th June 2020

Women’s Health

15 best breakfasts for weight loss to keep you full until lunch


Sheer Luxe

Are you ‘skinny-fat’?


The Telegraph

Can you eat your way to a better libido? The ultimate guide to aphrodisiacs

sheer luxe 19th December 2019

Sheer Luxe

11 Ways To Beat The Christmas Bloat

Harpers bazaar 21st November 2019

Harper’s Bazaar

A nutritionist’s guide to beating winter exhaustion


Women & Home

Can’t sleep? Expert explains how your supplements might be to blame

the telegraph 19 September 2018

The Telegraph

Tired all the time? The 5 deficiencies that could explain why


IHCAN – Integrative healthcare and applied nutrition

INews 24th July 2019

I News

10 best fermented food and drink for great gut health, from kombucha to kimchi

sheer luxe 3rd June 2019

Sheer Luxe

7 causes of indigestion & how to fix them

sheer luxe 2nd May 2019

Sheer Luxe

Everything You Need To Know About Dairy & Its Benefits

metro 12th April 2019


While focusing on sugar, have we forgotten the dangers of salt?

Londonist 19th March 2020


Where to try CBD in London: the ultimate guide to cannabidoil

metro 15th March 2019


Anxiety and Depression can affect the way you eat – here’s how to cope

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5 Ways to Add Healthy Fats into Your Diet

daily mail 31st January 2019

Daily Mail

Nutritionist reveals the food that will keep you warm during the cold snap

dose 7th january 2019


What happens to your body when you give up meat?

the telegraph 19 September 2018

The Telegraph

The good yoghurt guide: how healthy is your pot?

red 11th September 2018

Red Magazine

Gut health Series: this is how having a healthy gut helps your sex life

red 13th July 2018

Red Magazine

Gut health series: this is how having a healthy gut can affect your mood

red 15th June 2018

Red Magazine

Gut health series: probiotics vs prebiotic – what should we be eating?

dose 28th March 2018


4 adaptogens you need in your life according to a nutritionist 


The Telegraph

The mid-Victorian ‘peasant diet’ : Blighty’s answer to Mediterranean nutrition?