The Clarissa Lenherr Nutrition Christmas Gift Guide

Find the perfect Christmas gift for any wellness and nutrition lover in your life with the Clarissa Lenherr Nutrition Gift Guide. 

If you have a loved one who wants to head into the new year prioritising their health, look no further…I have collated all my favourite products when it comes to helping you feel their absolute best. 



BOOJA BOOJA TRUFFLES: Perfect for the chocolate lover! A handful of plant-based, organic, carefully chosen ingredients, whisked and whirled to chocolate perfection. Available here 


MONTEZUMAS DARK CHOC ADVENT CALENDAR: What a better way to count down to the big day with 25 chunks of rich, smooth dark chocolate. All free from preservatives, additives and palm oil. Available here


PIP & NUT ADVENT CALENDAR: For the nut butter lover, this vegan advent calendar contains 24 single packs of vegan nut butter cups- yummy! Available here 


PUKKA TEA ADVENT CALENDAR: For the tea lover, 24 carefully selected, organic herbal, fruit and green teas to warm you up over the festive season. Available here 


GINGERBREAD NUT BUTTER: A festive take on your almond butter with a warm, slightly sweet flavour. Made with toasted sicilian almonds, pumpkin seeds and toasted coconut with a hint of spice. Available here 



NEOM FESTIVE OIL BLEND: Surround your home with the natural fragrance of a Christmas wish. A mix of fruity mandarin, spicy cinnamon and comforting tonka bean, plus 10 other essential oils to help you relax and unwind by creating a warming and calming vibe in your home over the busy festive season. Available here 


NEOM COSY NIGHTS CANDLE: Warm up with Neom’s 100% natural Cosy Nights fragrance, a rich blend of essential oils including sandalwood, frankincense and nutmeg to help you relax and unwind. Available here 


ACUPRESSURE MATT: This matt works in a similar way to the ancient practice of acupressure, by applying pressure on various body points to help balance the body’s energy flow, enhance vitality and a sense of well-being. Available here 


INFRARED SAUNA BLANKET: Elevate the body’s thermal energy to enhance deep relaxation and improve circulation with this infrared sauna blanket. Available here 


ADULT COLOURING BOOK: My favourite way to relieve stress, soothe anxiety and switch off from technology, by colouring in with a good playlist. Available here 



OUR PLACE PANS: Our Place pan coating is toxin free whilst they are better for both you and the earth. Plus, they look every part fabulous on your stovetop. Available here 


TEMPERATURE CONTROL MUG: Does your cup of tea always go cold before you’ve had a chance to fully enjoy it? This temperature-control smart mug will become your new best friend. Available here 


COOKBOOK- WHAT TO EAT FOR HOW YOU FEEL: Flavorful meals with seasonal ingredients by applying Ayurvedic principles, this cookbook will be an inspirational guide to achieving optimal health through a personalised way of living and eating. Available here 


COOKBOOK- RECIPES FROM TART LONDON: Whether your looking for a weeknight one-pot wonder or a splendid brunch to surprise your friends, this is key to honest, full-flavoured and effortlessly enjoyable eating. Available here 




CLN GIFT VOUCHER: The perfect gift for anyone looking to transform their health in 2023. This gift voucher entitles you to a 3 month package which includes 1 initial consultation and 2 follow up appointments. Email for more information.  


AMAZING AIR: The first affordable purifier that removes virtually 100% of airborne particles, the vast majority of toxic ozone, volatile organic compounds and gases from your home. Available here (use code CLARISSA for discount)


THE NUE CO FUNCTIONAL FRAGRANCE: Developed using research into the connection between cognitive function and our sense of smell, these scents have the ability to instantaneously impact your emotional state. Available here 


GOOP BODY SCRUB: This detoxifying scrub includes himalayan pink salt, dead sea salt, celtic sea salt, sea zealand solar salt and epsom salt along with three ultra moisturising oils such as organic extra virgin olive oil, cold-pressed moringa and pure rosehip oil. Available here 


HOUSE PLANTS: This air purifying Susie snake plant is great for your bedroom as it stores up oxygen throughout the day, then releases it all at night. Available here 




PILLOW MIST: There is nothing better than a fancy pillow mist. This one includes botanicals such as bergamot, vetiver and chamomile to reduce anxiety and lift away any tension. With a base of sweet almond, it nourishes the nervous system whilst Marjoram and lavender relax the senses and encourage a restful sleep. Available here 


BLUE LIGHT BLOCKING GLASSES: One of my favourite ways to enhance my sleep, I am always wearing my blue light blocking glasses in the evening when watching TV or being naughty and scrolling tech pre bed. Available here  (use code CLARISSA for discount)


OURA: If you really want to prioritise your sleep going into the new year, consider investing in an oura ring which helps to track your health to help improve your sleep, fitness and recovery. Available here




ARTAH DIGEST & DEBLOAT: The perfect remedy for bloating of sluggish digestion over the festive period, this digest & debloat supplement includes soothing digestive tonics to help promise motility and help banish bloating. Available here (use code CLARISSA15 for 15% off) 


INESSA MAGNESIUM: From sleep to energy production, magnesium plays a key role in hundreds of bodily processes. Ensure your getting enough for optimal wellness over Christmas, with this bioactive blend. Available here (use code CLARISSALENHERR for 10% off)   


WILLYS ACV: A probiotic apple cider vinegar containing live mother, ACV is a natural remedy that can be used to help stabilise blood sugar levels if taken before meals. It is also delicious used as a salad dressing, drizzled over roasted veggies or for caramelising onions. Available here  


VIT D DROPS: Key between the months of October- April here in the UK, we should all be supplementing with a good quality vitamin D and I find these drops super easy to take. Available here 


APOPHAKARY CHILL THE F OUT POWDER: A fun gift for the friend or family member that needs to learn to relax. This powder contains two powerhouse adaptogens, reishi and ashwagandha to create a serotonin-boosting stress-busting elixir that is delicious mixed into hot drinks or smoothies. Available here


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