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How can a nutritionist help with weight loss?

Struggling with weight loss can be an on-going cycle, and may be challenging, both physically and mentally. With so many fad diets and a plethora of confusing information out there, working closely with a Nutritionist will give you the skills and knowledge required for healthy, sustainable, long-lasting weight management so that you can feel your best.

One of the benefits of working with a nutritionist to lose weight, is that they will give you unique, tailored advice, designed to suit your exact requirements. This is based on a client’s requirements and qualities such as gender, age, lifestyle, work-life balance, finances, access to food, relationships, existing health conditions and overall diet.

These changes may include:

  • Types or quantities of certain foods 
  • Improvements to eating habits
  • Adjustment to levels of physical activity
  • Overall lifestyle changes 
  • Avoiding nutritional deficiencies

Eat real food without restriction: 

Eating well is one of the key pillars of health – forget fad diets, artificial sweeteners, food restrictions and weight-loss supplements as these can all cause more harm than good. A nutritionist will create a personalised plan, just for you, centred around limited processed foods- in addition to teaching you how to cook and prepare meals in specific, easy ways.

The way in which we eat also has an effect on our health and weight management- nutritionists are not only qualified to give suggestions on suitable and sustainable lifestyle changes, they can also provide support and encouragement to keep you from slipping back into old ways. Real weight-management is so much more than calories in and calories out- working with a nutritionist can help you get to the bottom of your weight struggles, as other factors can come into play such as family history, hormone levels and genetic factors. 

Why fad diets don’t work for weight loss:

From Vogue’s wine and boiled egg diet in 1962 to the Atkins low-carb diet in the 70’s, to new modern trends such as “keto” and juice cleanses, fad diets are an everlasting quick fix to drop a few pounds. 

Jumping on the quick-fix diet wagon may help you lose some weight initially, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be losing body “fat”. This weight loss is usually a loss of water, fibre or even lean muscle, due to the fact that fad diets are deprivation diets. There is no quick-fix diet that can promise you long-term healthy weight loss and a balanced intake of the nutrients your body needs.

 When you restrict your body from the food it craves, this increases your cortisol levels (your stress hormone), which can result in further weight gain or insulin resistance. Heightened cortisol levels starve your cells of glucose, sending constant hunger signals to the brain, usually resulting in overeating. Furthermore, this type of yo-yo dieting may trigger disordered relationships with food and body dysmorphia. 

Fad diets were designed to be temporary, meaning once you reach your goal weight, you will respond to your heightened cortisol with an increased appetite and cravings. Studies have demonstrated that 83% of dieters regain their weight after undertaking a fad diet (1). Fad diets have also been linked to “weight cycling”, the process of losing and gaining weight over and over again. This results in additional overall weight gain, with the body holding onto body fat in fear it will be restricted again. 

Your body and lifestyle require balance, not deprivation. Losing weight in a safe, effective, sustainable way is possible, and working with a Nutritionist can help. Long-lasting sustainable weight loss also results in other benefits such as increased heart health, reduced strain on blood vessels and posture, lower risk of diabetes, and overall better quality of life. 

Is weight loss healthy? 

Healthy weight loss can bring a number of other health benefits such as:

Reduced Risk of Diabetes – Weight loss is one of the key ways to prevent or delay Type 2 diabetes. Weight loss can result in positive health outcomes such as taking less medication, keeping control of blood sugar levels and lowering the chances that diabetes will cause further health implications in the future. 

Lower Triglycerides Levels – Triglycerides are the particles in the body that transport fat for energy and storage. Elevated levels can increase the risk of a heart attack or stroke. Weight loss can result in more balanced levels of triglycerides. 

Lowered Inflammation Levels- Increased fat cells have been associated with higher levels of inflammation in the body. Inflammation has been linked to health problems such as arthritis, heart disease and strokes. Healthy weight loss can lower the level of inflammation in the body, reducing your chances of having a serious illness later in life. 

Immune system- Excess body fat, especially abdominal fat, triggers the production of ‘pro-inflammatory’ immune cells, which circulate in the blood and can cause potential damage to our bodies. Weight gain or obesity can make an individual more prone to infection, due to an increase in blood sugar or the potential cause of oxidative damage. Oxidative damage increases an individual’s chances of infection, therefore impacting their overall immunity. 

Mental health- Numerous studies have shown a link between obesity and mental health issues such as depression, low mood, loss of self-esteem and anxiety. Maintaining a healthy weight can help protect individuals from developing these health issues. An improvement in dietary intake and an individual’s relationship with food is likely to result in reduced weight gain and improved mental health. 

The process at Clarissa Lenherr Nutrition for Weight Loss:

Over the five years of her practice, Clarissa has worked with many clients to help them achieve significant, long-term weight loss. Every client’s weight loss journey and time frame is different, with each individual experiencing different challenges and personal struggles throughout the journey to their desired weight. 

Clarissa’s client-focused approach enables her clients to lose weight whilst keeping joy in eating and meal times. No more restricted diets or calorie counting, Clarissa really focuses on what can be INCLUDED into the diet rather than removed.

Clarissa works with you to understand your barriers to entry and difficulties in losing weight, helping you to also increase self-confidence and energy levels.

During an initial consultation, Clarissa will talk through your health goals and previous health history. If weight loss is your goal, Clarissa will work with you to understand your weight-loss challenges, motivations and desired results.

Clarissa will take into account every aspect of your lifestyle, to create a personalised plan to help you achieve your goals. In addition to sustainable long-term weight loss, clients may achieve other benefits such as:

  • Managing existing health conditions 
  • Increased levels of energy 
  • Better sleep
  • A better quality of life
  • Being able and wanting to exercise regularly
  • Improved gut health
  • Minimising the risk of further health conditions 
  • Lowered levels of anxiety and increased mood 
  • Increased confidence 

Clarissa offers a Weight Loss program in her clinic, where you will receive ongoing support between consultations and monthly check-ups. Each client receives a full nutritional plan that includes a detailed health analysis, dietary suggestions, portion sizes, lifestyle adjustments and recommendations for supplements and testing referrals if required. Recipes to suit your goals, lifestyle and kitchen skills can also be provided. 


Clarissa can help support your weight loss goals in a safe, gradual and manageable way, without the fad diets and restrictions that come with many weight-loss diet plans. 

If your goal is sustainable weight loss, in addition to having more energy, self-confidence, increased sleep quality and more motivation to live your healthiest life- get in touch at 

Or alternatively, Click here to book a free discovery call with Clarissa






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