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metro 15th March 2019


Anxiety and Depression can affect the way you eat – here’s how to cope

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5 Ways to Add Healthy Fats into Your Diet

daily mail 31st January 2019

Daily Mail

Nutritionist reveals the food that will keep you warm during the cold snap

dose 7th january 2019


What happens to your body when you give up meat?

the telegraph 19 September 2018

The Telegraph

The good yoghurt guide: how healthy is your pot?

red 11th September 2018

Red Magazine

Gut health Series: this is how having a healthy gut helps your sex life

red 13th July 2018

Red Magazine

Gut health series: this is how having a healthy gut can affect your mood

red 15th June 2018

Red Magazine

Gut health series: probiotics vs prebiotic – what should we be eating?

dose 28th March 2018


4 adaptogens you need in your life according to a nutritionist 


The Telegraph

The mid-Victorian ‘peasant diet’ : Blighty’s answer to Mediterranean nutrition?