Empower your team with the skills, techniques and knowledge to transform their health and productivity

Clarissa Lenherr is a leading Workplace Wellbeing Nutritionist in London and has worked with over 100 different workplaces, both in the UK and internationally.

Clarissa's workplace wellbeing workshops have been created to help improve the health and wellbeing of employees, leading to a healthier, happier and more productive workforce.

Nutrition Workshops, led by Clarissa, provide simple and effective tips and techniques that will help improve the health of your team and employees.

Topics include:

Good Mood Food - The Pivotal Role of Nutrition in Mental Health

Eat Yourself Healthy - Eating for Energy & Productivity

Good Gut Health  - The Gut-Brain Connection

Stress Resilience - Support your Body and Mind through Stress

Sleep Masterclass - How to Enrich your Sleep Naturally Through Nutrition & Lifestyle

Supercharging the Immune System

Eating for Summer/Winter vitality - Get that Inner Glow Naturally

Food for Fitness - fuel your body and mind


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Nutrition Seminars/Webinars

Create a workplace wellness program tailored to your team's requirements and working environment or book a one-off workshop for your team! Some of Clarissa's popular corporate nutrition sessions include Good Mood Food, Optimise your Sleep, Eating for Energy and Supporting your Immune System.

Pop-up Nutrition Clinic

Give your employees bespoke nutrition advice in one of Clarissa's pop up nutrition clinics. Corporate Nutritionist Clarissa offers 20/30 minute one-to-one nutrition consultations to boost health, energy and productivity. Employees will leave with personalised top tips take-aways.  These can be provided in person or digitally.

Interactive Cooking Workshops

From smoothie making to healthy protein bites, lunch-time ideas to snacking, Clarissa's practical nutrition workshops blend knowledge and practical tips and tricks with a delicious adventure! Offered digitally or in-person. Ready, Steady, Cook!

Corporate Wellness Testimonials

"Clarissa came in to talk to our UK team as part of our International Women’s Week activities. Clarissa wowed the group with her in depth knowledge and passion for her subject. She answered all of the tough questions in the room and had knowledge in abundance about her subject. Many of the team were inspired and have made changes to their nutrition habits as a result of Clarissa’s talk and we all felt Clarissa did an amazing job of explaining the science behind nutrition whilst still making her talk engaging and keeping the team motivated. She also has gone above and beyond by providing additional personal advice for a few of the team, which just shows the passion she has for her sphere. Thank you Clarissa."

Addison Lee Group

"Clarissa joined us at Addison Lee Group HQ in Paddington for a lunch and learn session, the subject was on the pivotal role food/nutrition plays on your mental health, or as Clarissa introduced it, Good Mood Food! The session was about an hour long but felt like much shorter as it was over too quickly! Clarissa was a relaxed but engaging speaker and clearly knows her stuff, the session was packed with useful advice and tips about what we can eat to impact how we feel and our energy levels. She was also very open to questions throughout and after the session. Feedback from colleagues has been incredibly positive. Thank you Clarissa!"


"Clarissa did a talk around how food affects your mood for us recently at my workplace; it was brilliant, probably the only talk I've ever sat through where I was fully engaged throughout. The brilliant thing about her talk was that it was quite open ended; she's clearly knowledgeable enough to answer any question fired at her and didn't say 'this is bad, this is good' - it was more of a subjective, informative approach to nutrition which catered to all the different types of people in the room. I've recommended to everyone at work and she's coming back to do more - where hopefully people will be actually travelling into London to attend."


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