Mindful eating – it’s not just what we eat, it’s how we eat

Clarissa Lenherr Nutritionist

Do you practice Mindful Eating?

When was the last time you had an actual sit-down meal? If your answer is last night, I am pretty impressed! For most of us, sitting down to focus on our breakfast, lunch or dinner takes a backseat to our busy lifestyles. Instead, meal times have become an opportunity to multi-task. Too often we will reach for our phones for a breakfast Instagram fix or chomp our way through an email whilst we eat lunch at our desks. This loss of focus and attention when we eat can lead to what we call: mindless eating.

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Working From Home Productivity

Ah working from home…. For the majority of us, work is work and home is home. But when your home suddenly becomes your workspace, it can be tricky to separate the two. And with most of the population now #wfh due to the pandemic of COVID-19, now more than ever, we need to adapt to new environments and a way of living and working.

Over the years I have spent part of my career working from home, in some way or another, and I have adopted a number of habits to ensure that I am as productive as possible.  Here are my top tips for a successful day working from home:

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With the weather reaching scorching levels this week, and BBQ season well and full upon us, I have shared a few top BBQ tips for those wanting to have a delicious yet healthy BBQ season.


This month, I shared my top tips for how to health-up your BBQ, whether you are the hostess with the most-ess, or lucky guest being treated with Health and Wellbeing Magazine – August issue.

For a full read of my top tips, go and grab this edition, but for those of you who can’t get your hands on an issue, I have rounded up a few of my favourite BBQ tips below:

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I have teamed up with Gousto to try out a number of their plant-based recipes. This was one of my absolute favourites, and if you haven’t watched it already, check out my Youtube video on the recipe here. The photos don’t do it justice and were quickly snapped before we demolished the noodles!

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