According to Wikipedia, a hangover is essentially an “experience of various unpleasant physiological and psychological effects following the consumption of ethanol”.

So, in other words – pain.

A hangover can’t be defined by symptoms as we all suffer in distinctive ways and metabolise alcohol differently … but generally, you are left with a bounty of loveliness including headaches, fatigue, stomach upset, moodiness, anxiety, bottomless pit syndrome (which is how I define that never-ending hunger).

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Water is a vital part of our daily diet and contributes to every organ and function in our bodies. It is an element that makes up to 60-70% of our total body weight, and yet is often overlooked and taken for granted. Staying well hydrated is one of our body’s basic needs and for those who perform rigorous workouts or are frequent runners, hydration is essential.

Dehydration of as little as 1% body weight is enough to reduce endurance, strength and cognitive performance!

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