Clarissa Lenherr, Harley St. London based Professional Nutritionist.


From our clinic in Harley St. London, we help clients to optimise health and wellbeing through nutrition.

We offer one to one consultations with a professional nutritionist, and packages tailored to your specific health and nutritional needs.

Book a free 15 minute discovery call with one of our Nutritionists to figure out how we can help you optimise your health today.

Clarissa Lenherr, Professional Nutritionist Harley Street, London.

Professional Nutritionist London Harley St

My name is Clarissa and I’d like to welcome you to Clarissa Lenherr Nutrition - a team of Registered London Nutritionists, who are here to help optimise your health.

From our clinic in Harley St. London and online, our team of Nutritionists and Registered Nutritional Therapists take the science of nutrition and convert it into easy-to-implement strategies for our clients to achieve their ultimate wellbeing.

As Nutritionists, we work closely with families, individuals and corporations from London and all over the UK, specialising in digestive health, auto-immune conditions, weight management and health optimisation.

Practicing personalised and preventative nutrition, we are huge advocates of the no “one-size-fits-all” approach.

When not in my clinical practice, I host Workplace Wellness seminars designed to foster a healthier, happier and more productive workforce.



We offer one to one nutrition consultations and tailored health packages to support your unique needs. Whether you are struggling with digestive symptoms, weight management, autoimmune conditions or generally wanting to get your health back on track, our team of registered nutritionists are available both digitally and in our Harley St Clinic to help.


Workplace Wellness

When not in her London private practice, Clarissa and her team provide workplace wellness workshops to the world's leading companies and has worked with over 200 different firms globally. Clarissa’s aim is to empower employees with the skills, techniques and knowledge to help them transform and optimise their health, happiness and productivity.

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